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Dishonest Claims

Our household received U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin’s recent mailing touting his “accomplishments.”

Mr. Zeldin, the first thing that you list involves infrastructure. How dare you pat yourself on the back for something that you voted against! Taking credit for something you actively opposed wouldn’t pass a second grade smell test and is dishonest coming from a public official.

You also “vehemently opposed” (your words) a plan to make corporations pay their fair share of taxes and expanding hiring at the IRS to go after tax cheats. Both of these would reduce the taxes paid by the middle class that you claim to represent. Whose deep pockets are you actually trying to protect?

I also noticed that you did not mention that you voted against HR3967, Honoring Our PACT Act. This legislation is “an act to improve health care and benefits for veterans exposed to toxic substances.”

Our veterans who were exposed to toxins from burn pits deserve this, yet you voted to abandon them. I won’t be surprised if your next mailing claims how you support our veterans. This vote belies any claim of support.

You also don’t mention any town forums you have hosted. Is that because you refuse to meet your constituents and answer tough questions?

Years ago, when you advertised a town forum, I was in attendance. You entered through a back door, refused to address your constituents and only met with hand-picked (no doubt either friendly or “politically connected”) members of the audience. You don’t even try to go through that charade anymore.

Claiming credit for something you opposed, not working to relieve middle class taxes, abandoning our veterans and cowardly avoiding your own constituents — those are not the actions of a person who should be entrusted in any kind of a leadership position.

Harry Mainzer

East Quogue