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Disregard For Privacy

This letter is to let you know that people coming to Bridgehampton and the East End do not understand why we all came here: for peace and quiet. Not to listen to someone’s rock music while the windows are closed in our homes. Wasn’t it supposed to be that we could sit outside and enjoy the summer evening listening to the crickets, etc., and enjoying the sounds of summer?

For some reason, the town is not enforcing the code regularly, and specifically at night. Most importantly, people move in and think our town will change our way of life for theirs — noise driven and accident prone on the roads. No thank you.

What do the citizens who have lived here for more than 20 years do? Do we sell our homes and move elsewhere?

I have lived in Bridgehampton for over 35 years, and this past Monday night a new owner of a home purchased on Kellis Pond had music blasting. It was so loud, we all heard it through our closed windows, and we were at least 2 acres away.

This is happening all over the East End. Total disregard for the privacy of others is unacceptable.

What about the roads? Accidents every time you drive now. Many people and or landscapers going through stop signs at back road intersections, the cause of many accidents and road rage.

It is making normal people crazy. Most drivers are not even slowing down when they see pedestrians or joggers. Our once-country roads are now speed zones: 30 and 35 mph are too fast on these roads (they will go up to 40-plus mph) covered with joggers and pedestrians.

This must stop, and the residents of Bridgehampton will start to fight back now.

Bonnie Verbitsky

Bridgehampton Action Now