Disrespectful - 27 East


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Southampton Town’s new community housing director, Kara Bak, announced in the August 12 edition [“New Director At Helm Of Housing,” Residence] that she was negotiating with the U.S. Coast Guard to purchase 26 units — and the plans to add accessory apartments on them is brazen disrespect to the Hampton West community. We are adjacent to the USCG homes. Our neighborhood association has been in existence for 20 years plus. Everyone in Southampton Town government knows of us.

I sent a letter to Emily, the supervisor, all the council people and Assemblyman Fred Thiele. Not one person has contacted me.

Where is the transparency in our town government? Why hasn’t anyone communicated with us? I’m sure all involved understand the impact this bold move could have on our community.

Congressman Lee Zeldin’s office knew in February 2018 of our concerns and promised that the Southampton Town community development office would not get the opportunity to purchase the homes. Now they say they have no control over what the USCG does when disposing of excess property. Furthermore, it seems Zeldin’s office can’t even get a simple Port-a-Potty moved that has been sitting across the street from my house for over six months.

Jay Schneiderman, the council people, Emily Bak and Fred Thiele have some explaining to do. Someone, if not all, should have brought us into the planning process long before this.

Sharon Frost