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As a former LongHouse Reserve board member and donor, I want to add my voice to the chorus of commentary concerning the recent firing of Matko Tomicic [“LongHouse Reserve Donors, Volunteers Upset Over Dismissal Of Executive Director,” 27east.com, October 20]. Why, after almost 26 years of loyal service to Jack Lenor Larsen and effective stewardship of LongHouse Reserve, would the board terminate Matko and then attempt to whitewash their actions by stating that “Matko stepped down” and “it was a mutually agreeable parting”?

It was neither. Matko was unceremoniously fired. And, for a month, the board said nothing. They said their silence was meant to be respectful. I would suggest it was disrespectful to the memory of Jack, who worked so closely with Matko for all those years, and everyone who worked with Matko and were told nothing about why their colleague was so disrespectfully dismissed.

The lack of transparency begs for straightforward accountability.

Marcia S. Wilson

New York City