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Last week, Dick Sheehan pointed to the low fatality rate of Hong Kong compared to the United States and attributed it solely to wearing masks while completely ignoring the treatment being used [“Get Smart Again,” Letters, October 8]. The American public has so bought into the narrative that they are completely overlooking the underlying reasons.

Consider these October 11 statistics compiled from Statista listing fatalities per million people of population: India, 78.02; Pakistan, 30.87; Bangladesh, 33.84; Japan, 12.78; South Korea, 8.29. We are experiencing a death rate 8.3 times that of India, a country with a population 4.134 times the USA.

Anyone who believes this is solely because they are willingly using masks and we are not is truly delusional and a product of the mainstream media campaign of fear mongering.

Why aren’t we looking at these countries to see how they’ve been so successful in preventing fatalities? The media has utterly ignored this disparity in results. We have effective treatments in this country that no one wants to discuss because of the political ramifications.

Do your own due diligence and learn what treatment methods are being employed by these countries and talk to your doctor about it. What are they doing there that we are not?

There are, indeed, several extremely successful methodologies that these countries are utilizing but are being prevented in the United States. This is readily available information that the liberal media has no intention of bringing to light — it doesn’t suit their narrative, hence it is unworthy.

Many doctors’ groups across our nation are suing the Food and Drug Administration and Health and Human Services over their restrictive policies. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, in the lawsuit AAPS V. FDA, seeks to end the arbitrary interference in the treatment of their patients.

About two months ago, Dr. Stella Immanuel, in a press conference, while surrounded by her colleagues, challenged the FDA and the National Institutes of Health to end its policy of threatening doctors’ licenses to practice or issuing sanctions if they use a non-approved drug that has proven effective both here and abroad. Dr. Harvey Risch, a highly respected Yale School of Public Health epidemiologist, estimates that the FDA policy will be responsible for 75,000 to 100,000 unnecessary deaths.

Wearing masks and social distancing has proven effective, but it doesn’t explain our dismal fatality record.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent executive order against mask violations, primarily aimed at the protests of a couple of hundred Hasidic Jews, is a travesty of our First Amendment rights, and he is completely without authority to do so. Yet it is telling that no mention of these rules, or enforcement, was mentioned during the months-long BLM protests involving tens of thousands.

John Porta



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