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Do the Right Thing

Running for Congress is not easy. It’s especially hard if the person you’re challenging is already in the office, even if only as a one-term incumbent with a disgraceful MAGA record.

That’s why Democrats need an especially strong candidate for the 1st Congressional District this year.

John Avlon is that person. As an author, journalist, activist and television reporter, commentator and anchor, John Avlon has the solid, brass-tacks background and the national reputation to win this race and take back the East End seat in the House of Representatives.

But there’s an obstacle before we get to the general election. In the Democratic primary election this June, another candidate also will run, believing she should be the one to represent the party in the November contest.

These are serious, parlous times. We can’t fool around — we must regain control of the House. Frank talk is needed, and hurt feelings have to be ignored. That being so, I have to say that there’s no comparison between these two primary candidates. John Avlon has all the qualities of marketability that his opponent lacks. It is that simple.

John’s message for Long Island is also simple: Invest in infrastructure, defend women’s reproductive rights, and make life affordable for working class families again. It’s all doable.

Democrats, please do the right thing. Please turn out on June 25 and vote for John Avlon to be our candidate for Congress in November.

George Lynch


Lynch is the communications chair for the Southampton Town Democratic Committee — Ed.