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Do We Count?

I see that Southampton Village is doing something to curb the workforce traffic in the village [“Southampton Village Will Launch Pilot Program in Attempt To Alleviate Traffic Issues,”, September 21] — but why are they only doing something in the estate area, i.e., Lee Avenue, Captains Neck Lane and Somerset Avenue, and possibly Halsey Neck and Bishops Lane?

I live on Pelham Street and have been there for over 50 years; I have complained to prior Trustees about this issue, and nothing was ever done. My whole area includes West Prospect Street, White Street and Halsey Street — we get a continuous flow of traffic during rush hour. Pelham Street and West Prospect Street get the brunt of the traffic during rush hour. Why aren’t they doing something to stem the traffic here?

I get cars speeding down Pelham Street all the time, as well as a lot of vehicles with really loud exhaust, which is very annoying. I can sometimes hear these loud cars at the corner of West Prospect and Pelham streets. There are state laws regarding offensive noises, but no one ever gets a ticket, and the police presence really does not do much.

Why not put a “no right turn” limit at Moses Lane and Hill Street from 3 to 7 p.m., and no through traffic — only resident traffic — at West Prospect Street and North Sea Road in the same time frame. We deserve the same treatment as the estate streets. Or don’t we count?

The police should get decibel meters and monitor the cars and start giving out tickets if the levels go over the state limit. They should also use their radar detectors on Pelham Street and Moses Lane going south to Hill Street, and north to County Road 39, as cars are always speeding from the corner of Pelham Street and Moses Lane, heading south at the Fox Hollow Lane stop sign toward County Road 39, as I can hear them speeding there because of their loud exhaust.

We as taxpayers deserve quiet and safe streets. The workforce does not pay our taxes. Why should they benefit from using our streets?

Louis A. Pizzanelli

Southampton Village