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Doesn’t Hold Water

Reflecting on the recently concluded Democrat impeachment of President Trump, I was never more confident that he would be reelected. If you believed his behavior was deserving of condemnation, most Republicans, if they were honest with you, would agree that it exceeds normal boundaries. But when examined as a threat to our national security, or some excessively broad definition of “high crimes,” it doesn’t hold water.

For Conservatives like myself who distrusted Trump’s candidacy but were relieved that his election spared us from a Clinton presidency, the stunning Democrat reaction to his victory was a surprise. Democrats had really become untethered. They pursued every avenue they could manufacture to subvert a Trump presidency.

Now, as a Conservative, I acknowledge the effort made to inhibit the Obama agenda and how it mired this country in years of stalled progress. But politics have risen above the national interests for some time now. Democrat leadership has become bipolar. They have abandoned their broad working-class identity for an increasingly socialist anti-American agenda. Their support of radical change for health care, higher taxes, banning fossil fuels, extremist environmental policies, open borders, free college education, free health insurance for illegals, college loan forgiveness, and a relentless focus on identity politics have placed them outside the mainstream of this nation.

Trump didn’t do anything more than exploit Democrat irrationality, and by being himself he goaded the Progressives into overreaction. Trump supporters will occupy popular mainstream values and defend free markets and traditional social values. This has put Democrats in a box that they realize will not get them the executive office in the coming election.

This brings us to their alternative plan: the removal of Donald Trump by impeachment. Despite the solemn face they have painted this pig with, it will not fly. The spectacle the House put on has debased the serious purpose that impeachment was designed to serve. Obstruction of Congress, threatening our national security, bribery and “high crimes” have become a joke when manipulated by the Democrats in their search for a way to remove a sitting president. National polls bear this out.

In her desperation, Speaker Nancy Pelosi now wants to dictate how the Senate will conduct its trial. I ask, what Constitution does she use to fabricate her basis for conducting the people’s business?

As in the Robert Bork case, much harm to precedent is being done in the name of partisan politics.

Ed Surgan



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