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Doing My Job

Recently, a video has been posted showing me doing my job.

Under Chapter 116 of the Southampton Village code, political signs are not allowed in the public right of way. During storms, these signs end up in the roadway and have blocked storm drains.

I had reached out to all candidates this year reminding them of this issue. In case a mistake was made, I returned to the video location to measure and found a new crop of political signs had been placed. After measuring, all were found to be in the right of way and were again removed.

The grassy shoulder of the village right of way varies from 1 foot to 25 feet. The best way to know if you are placing the sign on private property is to check your survey. However, if you look at the hedge lines on your street, it should give you a good idea of where your property line is.

I will continue to treat all signs equally and will work with whomever the village voters choose.

In November, we will be going through this scenario again. Please remember to keep those signs back on private property, too. It will save a lot of work. Thank you.

Gary Goleski


Department of Public Works

Southampton Village


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