Donald Claude Fuller of Calverton Dies May 29 - 27 East

Donald Claude Fuller of Calverton Dies May 29

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Donald Claude Fuller

Donald Claude Fuller

authorStaff Writer on Jun 2, 2023
Donald Claude Fuller of Calverton died on May 29, following a long illness. He was 
88. Born in Ellisburg, New York in 1934 to Claude Eugene Fuller and Iona (Rose)... more

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Ruining the Area reported that Greg Konner is proposing a cannabis dispensary to be located at the current Carvel in Bridgehampton [“Owner of Bridgehampton Carvel Building Eyes Cannabis Dispensary for Site,”, September 20]. Shame on you and your family, Greg Konner! Honestly, is money all anyone thinks about these days? You are purposefully trying to violate the place where you live. How can you possibly think this is a good idea? Do we not already have way too much traffic? We are already overrun with people who are chipping away at our quality of life. People like you are ruining this ... 27 Sep 2023 by Staff Writer

Heads in the Sand

I was dismayed by John Porta’s letter to the editor [“Doomsday Narrative,” Letters, September 14]. I don’t particularly appreciate being misquoted. He needs to reread my letter before he writes another response. I would never call anyone a “quack”; that is not my words or style. As for the scientists in his letter, I said that 97 percent of their peers don’t agree with them. They may be correct, but that is above my pay grade (maybe that’s clearer). As for leaving the Paris Accords, that was a stupid move on Donald Trump’s part, and it undermined the world’s biggest ... by Staff Writer

Irresponsible Statements

I disagree with Ralph Fasano’s statement in your article [“County Road 39 Housing Proposal Developers Release Environmental Impact Statement,”, September 20] that his project enjoys widespread support and the opposition is not in great numbers. After waiting almost three hours at the last Town Board meeting to voice their strong opposition and ask serious questions about Liberty Gardens, I and many other people, including the mayor of the village, had to leave because we had other commitments and serious business to attend to. Liberty Gardens is not “just housing,” as Mr. Fasano says. It is supportive housing that creates ... by Staff Writer

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Southampton Village trustees, please take notice. We, who have supported and elected you, do not expect miracles. We also do not expect that you would ignore our opinions and wishes and act as if you were executing the office through divine right. Your job is neither easy nor free of complications, but by exercising a modicum of common sense and diligence, you will fulfill your public service obligations without blame and remorse. The matter which inspires this writing is the complaints brought by our fellow citizen, taxpayer and voter David Rung, and others, who, upon doing a study and comparison ... by Staff Writer

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With regards to the Agawam Park proposal: I’ve found that there are few things more costly than what people are offering to give you “for free.” Kevin Luss Tuckahoe by Staff Writer

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Westhampton Beach Mayor Maria Moore is running for Southampton Town supervisor. Her opponent is Town Councilwoman Cynthia McNamara. I guess we’re getting into the “silly season.” I recently saw a large truck with a large sign saying “The Trades Support McNamara for Southampton Town Supervisor Because She Supports the Trades.” Really? What has Cynthia McNamara ever done for the trades? In her two years on the Town Council, I don’t know what McNamara has supported the trades with, other than talk, if that. Maria Moore, on the other hand, has given the trades real, tangible support — think: money in ... by Staff Writer

Line Items

The new Highway Department administration, which has been in operation since January 1, 2022, has been fully committed to providing the best possible services for all residents of the Town of Southampton. The department has made significant efforts in ensuring efficient snow removal, continuing the leaf removal program and maintaining regular grass cutting. These tasks are readily visible to the community, as the department can be observed working on them diligently every day. In an effort to further enhance efficiency and convenience, the department has introduced an online service for residents to submit their requests. This online platform allows residents ... by Staff Writer

Missing Middle Class

When the government makes bad decisions, the consequences hurt communities for years to come. This is true for New York City as well as Southampton Town. The town proclaims that it wants to keep “essential” workers — yet the income restrictions set by the “affordable” housing program all but eliminates that possibility. The middle class is missing. Further, take a quick poll of people planning to buy homes and ask them if they would accept long-term restrictions on resale. The answer is no. What the town has to develop are plans for truly mixed income communities with stakeholders who will ... by Staff Writer

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A recent edition of The Press had a cover story about a couple who had lost and then found a wedding ring that has been in service for more than a half century [“A Miracle at the Beach: Strangers Team Up To Find Lost Ring,”, September 12]. The story was of Mike and Claire Pilero of Hampton Bays, who had called on friends who were adept at recovering lost objects with the aid of metal detectors. The ring, once lost, was now found. The story began on the front page of the paper, above the fold, with a photo ... by Staff Writer

A Fiction

Having read the article about Liberty Gardens [“County Road 39 Housing Proposal Developers Release Environmental Impact Statement,”, September 20], Ralph Fasano’s statement that most people are for this project is fictional. I attended the October hearing, and while most there were in support, Mr. Fasano brought dozens of veterans who do not live in this community — it was a show he provided. Mr. Fasano is delusional in thinking that most people support this project, when it does not provide for our locals, it’s anyone who applies on a federal level. He also omits the fact that his other ... by Staff Writer