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Don’t Be A ‘Snowflake’

Frances Genovese wrote a very erudite commentary about the “feminist” reaction to Andrew Cuomo’s fall from grace [“Killing Fields,” Letters, August 19].

Making “the punishment fit the crime” is to put Cuomo’s crimes in perspective. There is hardly a comparison with the really criminal actions that some men have perpetrated on women to the ill-advised physical groping and so-called “sadistic flirtation” that Cuomo engaged in.

As Ms. Genovese points out, women need to “grow up” to live up to the true meaning of feminism. The women who accused Cuomo do not say whether they tried to rebuff him in any way. Back in the day, a slap on the face was used to put abusive men in their place. Saying no, leaving the room, speaking out as it is happening is the way to go.

Women have power and should use it. Becoming a “snowflake” is the antithesis of feminism.

Linda Slezak

Hampton Bays