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Don’t Be Fooled

The mayoral race is all about money. Maybe if the chief got less money we could give the policemen on the beat a higher salary. Then they wouldn’t need as much overtime.

Now, the next player comes to the stage, the police union. Rather than represent their members, they just added to a dirty campaign with their own agenda. The union wants to keep everything as is.

Jesse Warren followed the law and commissioned a report required by executive order 102. If he didn’t do that, we would lose any money we get from the state. The report comes out and suggests changes. None of these proposed changes have been enacted.

So what do the signs “save the police” mean? Maybe it should say “save the union.” They are the ones who have picked sides and spread filth in our village.

Throughout all of this Jesse Warren has stood tall. He campaigns on his accomplishments and the future. Educate yourself with the facts before you vote, and don’t be fooled by all this slime.

Jerry Rosengarten

Southampton Village