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Don’t Forget Us!

Online, I’m following your articles re: Coopers Beach and Main Street. Nowhere do I read that anyone seems to care about the summer renters and what our needs are!

Your boutiques, restaurants, hardware stores, etc., etc., etc., make the bulk of your money from us! Leave the parking on Main Street as it always has been. It works.

The idea that we might have to call ahead to enter a store to look at merchandise is crazy. I’m never doing that. I like to window-shop and go into a store, if something catches my eye, to browse around and buy!

Through many decades, I bought countless great items from Main Street and Jobs Lane stores by comfortably browsing.

I’m a big girl and now, in New York City, am used to waiting on line to enter supermarkets, drug stores, etc., and I can patiently do it in Southampton this upcoming season!

I wear a mask and social distance, so please do not remove lovely town and beach benches I might need to sit down on.

Yes! The summer people’s needs matter, too, in this equation.

Nikki Stark



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