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Don’t Miss Out

We could not agree more. We know that the only way to control taxes is to limit density and impact on the school district. And the only way to limit density is to control zoning. And the only way to control your zoning is to incorporate.

So, why is the Civic Association against village incorporation? The letter says that there is a small group behind this idea. As I understand it, almost 800 registered voters out of 3,000 in East Quogue signed the petition to allow a vote.

The letter also suggests that the Village of East Quogue will have to recreate town services that we currently have in place. Not true! Like the Village of Sagaponack, the Village of East Quogue can generate mutually beneficial agreements with the Town of Southampton for continued police, highway, parks and other services.

Basically, we keep the same services at the same rate others in the town pay, but we can add some commitments to the agreement, like having a police car, for which we pay over $1 million per year already as a community, in East Quogue 24 hours a day. Currently, that car is here maybe 30 percent of the time. With a village, we can negotiate some conditions while maintaining low costs.

The letter also suggests that we have some of the lowest taxes in Suffolk County. The fact is that in East Quogue we have some of the highest taxes in the Town of Southampton. Look at the highest overall tax rates in the town — they are all unincorporated areas. Look at the lowest overall tax rates, and the villages are there.

Please educate yourselves with the facts. Don’t listen to people peddling fear and allegations and miss out on an important opportunity for all of us. The only way to avoid significant increases in your taxes is to incorporate.

Vote yes for the Village of East Quogue.

Christa DaddiEast Quogue


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