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Doubling Down

I would like to thank our entire village for your support in our Southampton Village election on Friday, June 18. We could not have done it without everyone’s help, and while there are certainly not enough words in a letter to acknowledge everyone, we wanted to especially thank our team of interns and campaign staff, as well as Ginny Bauer, Florence Rosenblum, Diane Deutschmann, Dorothy Pender, and everyone who helped us stay positive throughout the process, and to those who believed in us.

There was a record turnout, and it was great to see democracy in action. We are proud that we could help generate this much interest in local government.

In 2018, the year before I took office, approximately 140 residents voted in the village election. In 2021, almost 1,700 voters participated. As they say, it takes a village, and in this case it certainly did.

I also wanted to thank former Mayor Michael Irving for his many years of service to the village on the Planning Board and both as trustee and mayor.

That said, I am taking this opportunity to address Mr. Irving’s quote after the election results were counted [“High Voter Turnout Favors Warren Ticket In Southampton Village Election,”, June 18]. He said: “It’s most unfortunate the village is really divided and I don’t think it will come back.”

I respectfully disagree.

The campaign was difficult for me personally, in that I was maligned untruthfully and unfairly by the opposition. However, now that the voters have spoken in such a sweeping outcome, for anyone to be an effective leader and mayor means to work to improve the village for all its citizens.

This village will “come back.”

I will double down on my efforts of the last two years to be a mayor for all the citizens of our village. My goals are as clear and consistent as ever: master plan, sewer district, remediation of polluted water bodies, budget efficiencies and budget transparency, important quality-of-life initiatives, strong and effective management of village departments to provide essential services to all of our citizens. This is not pandering to interest groups; this is what leadership is all about.

As we enter into a second term, I would welcome the guidance and participation from all residents, regardless of political affiliation, and look forward to working together.

Jesse Warren


Village of Southampton