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Drive-In Fun

Yes, I remember the Hamptons Drive-In. So do my children.

One summer, the drive-in had a Disney Festival every weekend throughout the summer. My children and I went every weekend (I have six children). I had a Dodge van for the summer. It had paneled walls, a rug on the floor, four 8-track speakers, a bed (and room, also, underneath) in the back, and back doors that opened out and a side door that opened out.

My children lay on and under the bed, with the speakers on the back opened doors. (The van was backed in so everyone could see the movie.) I had my beach chair in the middle, behind the front seats. I made popcorn, juice and snacks to bring. They could get candy at the intermission.

It was a really great way to see the show — and the drive-in people were wonderful to everyone.

Too bad it’s not there now. It was well-attended, even in the rain.

Barbara J. Farrell



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