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Drowning in Debt

With Democrats in charge these past two years, we Long Islanders have suffered. We have seen skyrocketing costs for shelter, food and gas. Democrats have now allowed inflation to broaden across our economy. Our paychecks are now not enough. We are forced to rely on savings and credit cards to keep up and make ends meet. We haven’t even entered the winter heating season, nor begun holiday spending yet.

In November, we have an opportunity to vote in Republican leaders who know how to run our country — not run it into the ground.

Currently, to combat the inflation that was largely the result of unbridled Democratic spending policies, flooding the economy with too much free money post-COVID, the Federal Reserve must now raise interest rates, which are making new mortgages cost 7 percent, further pricing us out of buying a home.

Watch out, the ramifications of these rate hikes will result in a recession in 2023. If the Democrats stay in power, that recession will be deeper, last longer and be more painful than it has to be.

So, gas was $2.50 and mortgages were 3 percent a few years ago. Now, gas is $5 and mortgages are 7 percent under President Joe Biden and the fiscally undisciplined Democratic Congress.

The Democrats will try to scare people by deflecting and pretending this election is about abortion and global warming, but it is not. This is about keeping our heads above water and not drowning in debt. It’s about living a respectable life, not watching our retirement savings disappear.

Let’s return to the America that rewards law-abiding citizens, not criminals.

I hope you will join me in voting for Nick LaLota for Congress in Suffolk County and Lee Zeldin for governor of New York.

Anthony Seaborne