East End Eruv Association Plans To Install Lechis In Quogue Within Two Months East End Eruv Association Plans To Install Lechis In Quogue Within Two Months - 27 East

East End Eruv Association Plans To Install Lechis In Quogue Within Two Months

author on Mar 15, 2016
Fresh off their latest legal victory, representatives of the East End Eruv Association said this week that their plan is to have the religious boundary in place in Quogue Village... more

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This happened a long time ago, so I may not remember the details correctly, but bear with me. I was doing a magazine piece about the attempt to turn Big Sur into a national park in order to preserve it, and I flew west to San Francisco, where a friend had a married sister who would put me up for a night. She and her husband gathered me in at the airport and drove me to their place. It was around 1 in the morning. Even though I was tired, we got to talking. His name was Jody Procter. He ... 6 Dec 2019 by Staff Writer

Bridgehampton School News, December 12

Bridgehampton School A Construction Student Ambassador Program has been recently initiated at the school. In the program, students have an opportunity to meet with the architect, construction manager and builders who are involved in the 35,000-square-foot expansion of the school building, which includes a new gymnasium, cafeteria, fitness center, locker rooms and a technology room. The real-world experience for students ranging from kindergarten to seventh grade, takes place every two weeks and allows students to ask questions and tour the construction site. “This opportunity enables our students to develop a wide range of skills from communication, collaboration, responsibility, confidence and ... by my27east

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From a perch in a craggy tree, in every surviving ditch row, there is the slender bump of a hawk. The bird is hunting, patiently watching among the clumps of grass and earth below for a mouse to move or a mole to turn. After a two-month absence, the rough-legged hawk returns to my chicken yard, and on this mild morning he is perched on a low limb, focused on an abandoned herb garden. For what I believed would be a leisurely harvest, when I arrive in the field I can feel the cold air through my clothing. Five minutes ... 3 Dec 2019 by Staff Writer

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Way back in high school civics class, we argued about the role of “representative government” and the Constitution. We learned that our House of Representatives, an integral part of the Legislative Branch, is a body of men and women whose job is to represent the interests of their various constituents, scattered across all 50 states. Each representative concerns himself or herself with being the voice of roughly 600,000 individuals. Today, we have 435 congresspersons: 233 Democrats, 197 Republicans, one Independent, and four vacancies. But what does it truly mean to “represent” a congressional district? There are two basic philosophies: The ... 2 Dec 2019 by Staff Writer

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When the Long Island Power Authority sought a partner in 1998 to work with it in operating Long Island’s energy system, it selected what it — and many — considered the best utility in the New York Metropolitan Area: Brooklyn Union Gas Company. Especially under the leadership of Eugene Luntey, who spent 39 years with Brooklyn Union, including as its chairman and CEO (he’s now retired, with a home on Shelter Island), it had a superlative record. With a changed name, KeySpan, it joined up with LIPA. But then, suddenly, in 2006, KeySpan was bought, for $7.3 billion, by a ... by Staff Writer

Springs School News, December 5

Springs School East Hampton High School students, and Springs School alumnae, Darcy McFarland and Sophia Swanson, along with teammates Julia and Jane Brierley competed in the state swim championship in Ithaca. Sean Lester and Dominic Coronel help pack up food donations for Springs School’s annual Thanksgiving Drive. The school provided Thanksgiving Day meals for 16 families in need. The annual Turkey Trot fundraiser raised $24,000, which allows the school to offer swimming lessons for students at the YMCA. by my27east

Community News, December 5

If you have a story, milestone, event information or news tip to share, please email ... by my27east

The End Of A Relationship

When the office phone rings on Friday, late morning, and the Caller ID flashes “US GOVT,” I consider not answering. This could ruin my weekend … this could ruin my life. But I do — and, much to my relief, it is only Debbie from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. During potato season, she calls the farm every week. It is her job to tally the amount of potato business being done in our region. She has, from the end of a telephone line, recorded the details of a rise and a fall of the Long Island potato industry. Her ... 25 Nov 2019 by Staff Writer

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Kenny Mangan dreamed of opening a lavender farm in the Southold area. He saw the potential for big business, but it wasn’t about that, at least not entirely. With every wild plan came a dream worthy of Ralph Kramden’s imagination — and, in this case, it was to get underprivileged kids from shelters out there to learn how to farm and plant and sell lavender products, as strange as that may sound, to hone their business skills, to improve their lot in life. As far as local angles go, that’ll have to do. Because Kenny, a Sayville resident whose death ... by Staff Writer

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