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Egregious Efforts

Michael Horowitz, the Department of Justice inspector general, acknowledged before Senate lawmakers that the FBI applications to surveil Carter Page, a CIA operative and volunteer in the Trump campaign, included serious performance failures along the chain of command. Seventeen significant failures of the FBI withholding information during the FISA applications that would have impacted the approval of the warrants were cited.

Yet, Mr. Horowitz still concludes he did not find any evidence of bias in the process. Peter Strzok, front line supervisor of investigation, and FBI investigation lawyer Lisa Page were deemed unbiased, despite hundreds of text messages and emails between one another declaring antipathy in virtually every communication — apparently, not a sign of internal bias. Lisa Page declared Trump’s election “f—–g terrifying” and called for the “first meeting of the secret society” in which they were already talking about impeaching Trump.

Kevin Clinesmith a FBI lawyer in charge of obtaining the FISA warrants, was caught altering an email exchange from the CIA to the DOJ pertaining to Carter Page that completely reversed the intended meaning in order to obtain his first warrant to surveil. Knowing there was still insufficient cause, Andrew McCabe, the FBI’s second in command, brings in the debunked Steele Dossier to get them over the hump, even though he knew it was a garbage document by a former British spy and was warned by M6 that he was neither stable or reliable.

The Steele Dossier turned the tide and was the basis for FISA warrants even though they all knew it was paid for by the Democratic Party who hired Fusion GPS, which then paid Steele for his work product.

When Trump won the election, Clinesmith famously texted, “Viva la Resistance,” and then went on to join Robert Mueller’s team in the Russian witch hunt. Yet, no clear indication of internal bias was found, according to Mr. Horowitz.

Russian collusion didn’t work, so now we are engaged in an impeachment supposedly so the Democrats can perform their duty and protect the Constitution. They seem to be unfazed by the egregious efforts to unseat a sitting president by both our intelligence agencies and our Justice Department, which surveilled American citizens without reason or cause.

The right to privacy is fundamentally protected in our Bill of Rights in the First, Third and Fourth amendments — but apparently that is unimportant to the Democrats, who wish to protect the American voter from their own stupidity in electing a bomb-throwing president out to disrupt their own cozy place in the swamp that is Washington, D.C.

I predict the Democrats will pay dearly for this at the polls come next November. The public is weary of this charade.

John Porta



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