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Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2018091

Empty Suit

It’s about to become election season, and an expected rout has frantic Democrats swinging wildly, hoping to land a haymaker.

President Joe Biden has declared from the safety of his lectern that Americans who happen to support the “Make America Great Again” platform of the previous administration are the greatest threat to democracy this country faces. In effect, if you are a Conservative who believed in a secure border supported by a wall, supported American energy independence, lower taxes, a robust, proud military that could project itself anywhere and anytime, law enforcement that prosecuted and put away violent criminals, the withdrawal from an insane Iranian nuclear pact, the uniting of Arab nations with Israel in peaceful economic enterprise, an unambiguous “America First” foreign policy that finally exposed China for its predatory nature — then, yes, you are a grave and present danger.

But only to the views of this president and his leadership. This from the lips of the candidate who pledged to unite the country and to rule as a moderate.

Ironically, everything Biden promised has proven to be a bald-faced lie. When, in contrast, everything candidate Donald Trump pledged, he delivered.

Democrats support not prosecuting basic civil lawlessness. They told us we weren’t experiencing long-term inflation and recession. See a trend here?

The cost of fuel was something we all must endure for the greater good. Not mine.

Our withdrawal from Afghanistan would leave no Americans or Afghani allies at the mercy of retribution from the Taliban. A despicable lie.

Trump was a stooge of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Utterly false, and, worse, was created by the Democrat Hillary Clinton campaign and fed to our willing media, which ran with it.

Now our Justice Department, led by its Democrat attorney general, is prosecuting a former president and potential future candidate, violating any sense of the historical importance of a unbiased appearance to our American system of justice.

And Joe Biden tells us Conservatives, blue-collar America, parents and retirees are the equivalent of al Qaeda? That we are the threat to democracy?

Anyone who could vote for that kind of leadership would have us be like the very enemies at our doorstep waiting to replace the greatest experiment in freedom mankind has known.

If I sound angry, it’s because I am, and so should be any American who can see how self-serving and dangerous this talk is. President Biden has gone from the empty suit he is, which oddly was enough for Democrats, to a windbag that has mistakenly inflated an old man with a sense of purpose.

This can’t end well.

Ed Surgan