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Enablers Of Violence

Just when we thought we could relax for a minute and enjoy the rest of the summer, we have more concerns about violence in this country.

The FBI executed a search warrant at Donald Trump’s residence in Florida. Rather than wait and find out more information, the supporters and enablers of Donald Trump immediately launched into their aggression and fear campaigns.

Inevitably, these campaigns promote violence. The most egregious example of that this week was when Trump’s Truth Social platform published the names of the FBI agents that were allegedly involved in the execution of the search warrant. Breitbart news, another platform of fear- and hate-mongers, compiled the list and Trump amplified it.

This Trumpist group of Republicans evidently feel that if a few agents, or regular folk, die unnecessarily because Trump is pissed off, well, so be it. That’s what happened on January 6, wasn’t it?

I am sure President Joe Biden would love to stay out of this mess, but he needs to address the nation and call out these threats against law enforcement for what they are, because this is dangerous. It’s his job to protect the people of this country, especially those who risk their lives every day for the purpose of keeping the rest of us safe from threats, foreign and domestic.

This national nightmare of the Trumpist wing of the Republican Party trampling all over our laws and values is real. It’s not a story, or a movie, or a television series. It’s happening every week, and all of us had better take notice and do whatever we can to keep promoting values that truly reflect our Constitution and the goals of this country.

Because if we don’t, those Republicans whose only interest is in protecting one pathological and narcissistic liar will take over everything.

Paula Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village