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Enforce The Rules

North Haven’s wetlands are a treasure to be cherished. As pre-existing, non-conforming (to current zoning) houses on wetlands change owners, there is tremendous pressure to tear down and build bigger non-conforming structures.

As a nearby resident in North Haven, I spoke at the Zoning Board of Appeals August 11 Zoom meeting, voicing opposition to 59 Mashomack on the grounds that it would set an unwise precedent for protecting North Haven’s wetlands.

An “environmental” argument put forth for the new house was that it would have a modern nitrogen-reducing septic system. Not mentioned by the proponents was that the other choice, a substantial renovation of the existing, quirky but beautiful lighthouse structure, also would require the same modern nitrogen-reducing septic system. Furthermore, upon a substantial renovation (which would not require variances), the owner could easily install drywells to catch runoff. Instead, runoff drywells are used as environmental hostages to push the project through.

Please, North Haven ZBA, hold the line and enforce zoning codes when dealing with development on sensitive wetlands.

Jim Vos

North Haven


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