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Enjoy The View

This is in reply to the Dai Dayton and Sandra Ferguson letter (Friends of the Long Pond Greenbelt) advocating that the recent Community Preservation Fund purchase of the 8-acre field be kept as open space, rather than turning it back to its historical use as a working farm [“Protect The Pond,” Letters, October 14].

By way of introduction, I was the owner of this land for 35 years. I farmed it every year, as did the prior owner. In all those years of farming, Poxabogue Pond was never compromised.

This land was the last subdivision approved by the Town of Southampton without leaving any open space. Its four building lots, if sold to a developer, would have certainly been built out to the maximum coverage possible.

My vision for this land when I chose to sell to the Community Preservation Fund (for far less than a developer would have paid me) was that it would be used as a farm. I chose the town because it means so much to me to continue to use it as a working farm, and to maintain the pristine view of the pond for all who pass by, during the generations to come.

I would not have given the Community Preservation Fund the opportunity to purchase the parcel had I known there was any chance that it would lay dormant as open space.

So, when you look at this land, restored to its historical glory, please enjoy the beautiful view.

Geri Bauer