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Even Simpler

I have to admit I was flattered that Ken Dorph, the Mideast expert, responded to my Letter to the Editor [“Build Bridges,” Letters, November 30]. He literally spent three paragraphs qualifying that he is an expert, despite the fact that he’s really clearly a antisemite.

Ken accuses me of being a racist because my position is that Hamas is a terrorist organization that slaughtered innocent civilians, yet he never addresses the issue. He additionally claims that Benjamin Netanyahu never wanted a two-state solution and conspired to have Hamas as a leading power vs. Yassar Arafat.

I’d like to remind our resident Mideast expert that Palestinians have no desire to have a two-state resolution. In fact, they want all Jews to leave. How does Ken feel about that? Israel has always said that they are willing to have a two-state solution, but unfortunately the Palestinians don’t feel the same way.

I additionally challenged Ken, our resident Mideast expert, on the malicious killings by Hamas vs. Israel, and his response is that I should look at opinion polls, research or interviews? Wow, talk about dystopian reality.

Ken, let me simplify this for you even more. If Hamas surrendered right now, we would have peace in the Mideast — but, if Israel laid down all their weapons, they would be slaughtered like dogs.

Wake up, Ken, the Mideast expert.

Thomas M. Jones

Sag Harbor