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Everyone, Calm Down!

These times are tough, fraught with sharply divisive issues that pound us each day.

The tone and words with which we are communicating about these divisive issues have become sharp and divisive themselves — which is draining and discouraging to many of us. Rather than seeking to persuade or convince each other of our strongest beliefs and opinions, many people on our televisions, and in our newspapers and communities, are turning to personal attacks, insults and dismissive language instead.

This includes letters within this publication, and it has made me wonder: What is the role of a newspaper and its editors at this time? While diverse and strong opinions should always be presented, should publishers not be held accountable for subjecting readers to personalized attacks, vitriolic language and accusations with no evidence? Where is the line being drawn between proactive opinion and hate speech or personal insults?

I don’t want to quote what should be unquotable, but, lately, it seems there’s more and more written in “Letters” that qualifies.

Middle school speech and thought should be left just there — at around age 15, not beyond. And by no means am I insulting the vast majority of middle schoolers who are more evolved than we “adults.”

We (all) need a break. A calmer tenor and tone in the communications to which we are subjected is needed and would surely be welcomed.

To you and all your readers and submitters: Compare your blood pressure today to that of three years ago. That alone should convince you.

Don Levis



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