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Evolving And Changing

Mike Anthony, in his typical professorial style, attempted to belittle some well-founded Conservative beliefs that I share in this forum [“Fundamental Harm,” Letters, October 8]. Clearly, I’ve gotten his attention, as his rebuttal was directed personally at me. Evidently, if someone’s thinking is “right wing,” it must be ill-informed and ignorant.

This opinion of myself and the millions of my fellow Americans who want to preserve freedom, history, and the great democratic traditions and institutions we are blessed with has turned our political demographics on their head. Today, the elitists are the Democrats, and the voice of the working middle class has become Republican. Their support of a complete outsider in President Trump should give you pause.

Your attempt at using the straw man of “global warming” to misrepresent the views of myself and this administration on climate change is uninformed, simplistic and disappointingly inaccurate. I’ll try to educate you in spite of your ignorance.

Conservatives and Republicans do not dispute the fact that our weather is evolving and changing. It always has. Man may have some impact on it, but it is far from scientifically clear that we can do very much to actually change the direction our Earth is going in.

But there are those who are using fear of this process to mask a global propaganda campaign designed by the elites of the world to bring the United States under their indirect control by shaming us into signing agreements that will bind this country to economic regulation that will subordinate our national interests to that of some agenda created by globalists. They will not have the interests of America at heart, and their purpose will be to weaken our inherent greatness.

You may find this appealing, Mr Anthony — I don’t.

America has accomplished enormous improvement in our environment. It is a priority all of us share. But our sacrifice in this pursuit must be voluntary and have a rational underpinning that permits economic growth and prosperity.

Technology has helped in making our country cleaner and more prosperous. America must not allow wishful dreamers to destroy our economy with a “Green New Deal” or the Paris Climate Accord.

The International Energy Agency reported that the United States saw the largest decline in energy-related carbon dioxide of any country in 2019.

Ed Surgan



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