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Exercise Your Right

While trite, as the old saying goes, every vote counts.

Over the years, many races have been decided by just a few precious votes. This is especially true in recent times with the country so divided along strict party lines.

Yet, I am shocked and dismayed at how close the races are for New York State governor and for the 1st Congressional District.

First, Kathy Hochul has done an admirable job as governor after Andrew Cuomo vacated his position. She is a doer, a consensus builder, she works well with others, she doesn’t engage in ego-driven battles with the mayor of New York City. She has effectively worked with all stakeholders for the benefit of the citizens of the state. I urge you to read her endorsement by The New York Times.

Bridget Fleming has an impeccable record as a public servant. She has won the endorsement of Newsday and all of the police organizations in New York. She is a common-sense achiever that shuns political extremes. She has put forth initiatives that have improved our water quality and have improved our rural public transportation, all the while balancing budgets and achieving AAA bond ratings without cutting critical funding for vital services including our police.

Look, I am a Democrat and I have very strong feelings. Regardless, I urge everyone to vote and express your opinion. As citizens it is our right and our responsibility to vote. Vote on or before Election Day, November 8.

Dick Sheehan

Vero Beach, FL

Sheehan is a former resident of Westhampton Beach —Ed.