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Existential Threat

Facing plummeting approval ratings, a faltering economy, and the highest inflation in four decades our president now plans to bribe an entire generation of voters by forgiving student loan debt.

This brilliant plan should surely buy him a few hundred thousand votes — and accelerate inflation to levels that surpass the Carter years. With progressive modern monetary policy, printing ever more money will allow him to buy another four years as the Democrats’ chief marionette. The nation be damned.

In another shameless attempt to generate a future supply of Democrats, the Biden administration is complicit in allowing over 2 million illegal immigrants through our border in the past year.

Two weeks ago, Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent a message to D.C. by shipping busloads of migrants there so Texas “would not have to bear the burden of the Biden administration’s failure to secure our border.”

Biden, while doing nothing to remedy our border crisis, has stranded tens of millions of dollars in unused steel that was abandoned when he summarily stopped construction of the wall intended to help secure our borders. There are additional millions in valuable fiber-optic cable originally intended to remotely monitor illegal traffic across our border. Incredibly, contractors were paid up to $5 million daily to not complete their work.

Biden likes abandoning valuable equipment. An estimated $7 billion dollars in weaponry was left behind during our humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan. Imagine how useful that would be in Ukraine now. He would rather print more money and ask Congress for an additional $33 billion in aid instead. While this, under the circumstances, is a justifiable expenditure, the irony should not be dismissed.

Before his chair was even warm in the Oval Office, Biden canceled oil and gas leases on federal land and rescinded the construction permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Now, his brilliant solution to our high gas prices and petroleum shortages is to beg some of the worst authoritarian nations in the world to produce more oil so Americans can have relief at the gas pump.

To offset high gas prices, part of Biden’s master plan is to release our national emergency petroleum reserves that were put in place as a backup for times of extreme crisis, such as war.

Yet, the only clear existential threat to our nation currently is the president himself and the two and a half years he has remaining in office.

John Porta