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Failed Responsibility

There is a full-page advertisement in last week’s Sag Harbor Express, on Page A19, signed by the “Committee to Save Our Waterfront.” It levels a number of charges against Sag Harbor’s current mayor, Kathleen Mulcahy. The charges are unsubstantiated, and some are false, in my view.

Doesn’t The Express have a responsibility to its readers to require that the source of this sort of political advertising be identified? To my knowledge, there is no such group as the “Committee to Save Our Waterfront.” If there is such a committee, it is unknown to me and to Express readers.

The members of secret committees always have something to hide.

I am not publicly supporting either candidate, but I am very disappointed in The Sag Harbor Express for giving this individual or small group a shield to hide from the public. You have failed in your responsibility.

Tim McGuire

Sag Harbor