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Fight For Her

As the end of this year’s election season winds down toward the November 3 finish line, we must remember that now is the time to stay dedicated to our elected officials. There is no other type of government that will affect your life quicker and hear your voice sooner than the elected members of your local government.

Our officials do not get elected by happenstance. They are elected by people like us who are dedicated toward fighting till the very end for who we believe will give us a voice and someone who will fight for us every step up the way.

We must support the reelection of State Senator Monica Martinez and continue to raise her up by telling our family, friends and neighbors of all the wonderful things that she’s accomplished thus far in the State Senate.

We are in the final lap of this race, and we must stay united and fight stronger than ever to reelect someone with a reputation for honesty, unbreakable courage, and for being supportive of people from all walks of life.

Let’s do everything we can to ensure the reelection of State Senator Monica Martinez!

James J. Cashman

Westhampton Beach


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