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Fighting For Democracy

To me, there is an obvious similarity in the way that Vladimir Putin has invaded a sovereign country, unprovoked, for the sole purpose of increasing his power, and Adolf Hitler, who did the same thing.

Fortunately, we have an old school president in the White House. He understands history, understands NATO and understands the world order since 1949.

I know that nothing compares with the Holocaust, but do I believe Putin is capable of genocide? Yes, I believe he’s capable of anything that will further his goals.

NATO countries have looked away from other conflicts in non-NATO countries, but they have not done so this time. I hope it is because they understand that this conflict is different, because Putin is a different type of threat, one much more like Hitler, who sought world domination at any cost.

So let’s pray that the bravery of the Ukrainian people is matched by our American and NATO leaders. They are all fighting so that democracy can prevail over authoritarian madness.

Paula J. Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village