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Fill In The Blanks

Gee, the two letters endorsing Zach Epley [“Upsetting To Read,” “A Great Leader,” Letters, April 30] actually give me pause: Both mention the same grade school — or was it high school? — history shared with Zach, his athletic record, like coaching, and his devotion to our village.

But here’s what’s missing: Not a word about Zach’s lofty degrees and education after Southampton High School. Hey, guys, don’t be shy! We don’t fear education or knowledge in our trustees. It’s obviously not a prerequisite, but we don’t consider it an obstacle.

So, please, let’s have it: What did Zach Epley do after our village high school? What did he learn and where did he learn it?

We are also free of prejudice about our trustees’ career path. Hell, we just want honest, independent thinking, but otherwise, as far as we’re concerned, our village will be perfectly happy with a short-order cook or several real estate agents. So, let’s have it: What has been Zach Epley’s career path?

Oh, I see: He works at Seafeld drug clinic, or whatever it is. Like his dad, he works for his grandpa. Well, that is certainly reassuring. It sure as hell shows just how independent Zach would be as a trustee of our village, as a voice ensuring our future, our way of life, our quality of life, our open spaces, our historic houses, our important and dwindling voter base, and our treasured year-round population.

How could I possibly have questioned Zach Epley’s fitness for trustee of our village? You can see how independent his vote will be, can’t you?

Evelyn Konrad

Attorney at law

Southampton Village


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