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Find Right Candidate

The following is my understanding of the timeline around nominating a candidate for Southampton Village provisional chief of police.

At the December meeting, where the Southampton Village Board selected the candidate for chief of police, there was no information on the village website. Residents had no way of knowing about the meeting and the important agenda item.

Southampton Village Mayor Jesse Warren wrote an op-ed in The Southampton Press detailing why he didn’t vote for the provisional chief of police [“Why I Voted ‘No’ To Hiring the New Police Chief,” Viewpoint,, December 20]. His cogent thoughts included five key points.

The January 12 board meeting was a template on how public business should not be conducted and how government should not be run. There was a link to the January 12 board meeting, but key agenda items were omitted. Again, transparency is called into question.

This meeting and the board’s actions blindsided the mayor, the village attorney and, more importantly, Southampton Village residents.

The trustees’ actions would have eroded my faith in local government, were it not for Mayor Jesse Warren’s incredible focus on finding the right solution.

On January 16, the trustees wrote a press release attacking the mayor. Their response to the mayor’s lone vote against the trustees’ choice for chief of police did not have facts but instead focused on a personal attack on Mayor Warren. Conspicuous in their response was an omission of a detail of their actions.

Let’s find a way to put this situation in the truest light and find the right candidate.

Frank Horowitz

Southampton Village