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Follow Own Advice

In the October 28 Letters to the Editor, Polish Club Director John Kosciusko gives a wonderful history lesson on the Polish Hall [“Plans For 230 Elm”]. He then goes on to tout the merits of their new lessee, Elegant Affairs, an off-site caterer who wants to become an on-site caterer on historic Elm Street.

Unfortunately, in his history lesson, Mr. Kosciusko skipped over the 10-year horror show of his previous caterer tenant, beginning in 2010. He neglected to mention all the noise summons issued, court appearances, guilty pleas and fines paid. He forgot to tell you about all the loud music, the drug bust, the assault on a security guard, arrest, fights (some so out of control that the Town Police and State Police were called in to assist), large crowds, intoxication, traffic congestion, illegal parking, accidents, trash, safety, and all-around general mayhem till 5 a.m.

Never once did we hear from any directors of the Polish Club apologizing to the neighborhood for their tenant’s bad behavior or offering a solution or remedy.

A former director of the Polish Club, Vincent Scerbinski, said in Letters to the Editor a couple of weeks previous [“No Skin In The Game,” Letters, September 2], “Everyone who is in favor of the food pantry on Meeting House Lane should offer an alternative in their neighborhood. If they cannot offer an alternative close to their home, they have no skin in the game and should remain silent.”

Perhaps they should follow their own advice.

Lastly, our 58 village neighborhood residents and members of our Elm Street Strong group do not want, nor should we be forced to absorb, another huge wedding, private and corporate party venue, with a wish to add an outside second-floor cocktail hour deck, or their second-stage plans of having another great space downstairs for even more events. More liquor, music, food, large crowds, increased traffic, constant food and alcohol deliveries, and trash trucks will in no way enhance or benefit our historic Elm Street neighborhood in our historic Southampton Village.

Jay Fitzpatrick

Harmon Skurnik

Vol Davis

Michael Zinder

Susan Hovdesven

Charley Dobrowolski

Patricia Dalmazio Esq.

Isabel Sunshine

Elm Street Strong