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Follow The Money

Who, exactly, is picturing a new Hampton Bays [“Press Sessions Discussion Explores The Future Of Hampton Bays And Its Downtown,”, February 12]? The business owners make mention of “foot traffic” so much that it makes me wonder who will profit most.

Question: Who is the biggest stakeholder on Main Street in Hampton Bays? It is Southampton Town, of course. It is a money takeaway.

First, on Main Street, there are two-hour time limits for parking, and no parking on all residential streets. Got to write a summons or tow away for that? Southampton Town gets the money.

Next, all day long in the warmer weather, mini-cops are on the money beat. They are the traffic control force. Their cargo pants are packed full of summons books. But they don’t even observe traffic. The only things they observe is your inspection sticker and your registration sticker. And some may even chalk the road near your tire valve to see if you have moved on in a timely manner. Their job is to keep the traffic of money flowing into the town treasury — the power of government at work.

Most of the off-street parking “tow away” warning signs. It will be dropped way out on Old Country Road somewhere, and a big hefty fortune will soon be in the hands of Town Hall.

Have you ever wondered why so much stinky, smoke-belching heavy vehicle traffic crawls through Main Street? If they are headed to Southampton, shouldn’t they get off Sunrise Highway at the next exit beyond the canal?

So slick they are at Town Hall. The next exit, North Road, County Road 39, brings you up to two stop signs, making both left turns toward Southampton extremely dangerous there. The town needs to check them for violations, of course, before they enter the jurisdiction of Southampton Village. Sit on a bench outside of Scotto’s Pork Store and watch and smell them. See also how many Town Police cars roll on by.

It’s always about money. Hampton Bays is a gold mine for Town Hall. There is too much of all traffic on Main Street. Try to leave Salvatore’s or Villa Paul restaurants, and you will see. Try to cross as a pedestrian, and you will be in danger.

Did anyone notice, in the 1 North Steakhouse gathering, any missing folks? Yes, the Latino residents! Notice any Latino businesses around town? This is part of the new reality. You can overlook them in your meetings now, but their children will not be overlooked later on down the road.

By the way, the town has “Big Business” plans for Hampton Bays as well. The pressure is on right now for the “towny boys” to cook up plans to make themselves wealthy, while the “bays boys” are out fishing.

Bob Dwyer



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