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Follow The Rules

Our world is constantly changing. Sometimes for the better, too; often, not so. Who could have predicted COVID-19?

Cause, effect; actions require reactions. Decisions made: quarantine, masks, gloves, medical services, accommodating those stricken while researching remedies to eliminate future threats. ASAP.

Locally, we have been dealt a new virus of our own — beaches invaded with never-before-seen numbers of fishermen invading ocean and especially bay waters. Who are these people? Where do they come from? Camping out, overfishing, littering, parking anywhere close to beach access that has never seen such volume, nor is able to accommodate it.

Having grown up in Southampton, I’ve seen many changes. Never have I been an advocate of excessive legislation; rules can, at times, become a necessity.

As long as I can remember, ocean beaches have required resident permits for parking. When lots are full, you lose! No Coney Island park ’em in here. Residents have been helped by fishing restrictions, shellfish permits, boat ramp exclusions — all good, yet not perfect. Programs offered, groups assembled for and against proposed changes, negatively affecting a way of life we’re trying to preserve. However, legislation is useless without enforcement. Would anyone drive 55 mph if nobody handed out speeding tickets?

Fishing is my hobby. Always looking to land that elusive keeper bass. At 6 a.m. last Saturday, while I was fishing, a Southampton Town bay constable approached me, asking to see my license. After reviewing my New York Sporting license, in a professional yet affable manner, he said “good luck” and drove off.

Others, apparently, were not registered. Cars leaving at a rate much like the stadium parking lot after a Giants game just concluded.

Kudos to town leadership for acting hastily, closing some and restricting access to other beaches, on an interim basis, giving time to formulate a long-term solution. Measures have been and are taking place so we can remove the masks and eliminate beach closures, which will be both beneficial and, hopefully, acceptable, in restoring our way of life. ASAP.

Timothy Mahoney



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