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For All Of Us

It couldn’t be more important to defeat Lee Zeldin in November. He’s been dangerously cavalier regarding ecological protections and has been a cowardly failure at standing up to Trump on issue after issue, on scandal after nauseating scandal. He’s stood silent as fundamental institutions that our democracy and public health rely on have been politicized, weakened and dismantled. Reelection to him is apparently more important than our hard-fought environmental safeguards, the well-being of detained children at the border, or the safety from foreign interference in our November elections.

The one who can finally beat him is our Suffolk County legislator, Bridget Fleming. She is a proven winner, having won elections in numerous roles and thrived in all of those positions. Bridget Fleming is a tested leader, rising to unprecedented challenges whether regarding coronavirus, climate change, or attacks on our democracy and the rule of law.

She is an expert on the water quality problems threatening Long Island and works hard to find and implement solutions in a science-based and pragmatic way. She is also a woman of integrity, kindness, empathy and exceptional intelligence.

Perry Gershon already tried to beat Zeldin and failed. We can’t afford to lose this election again. Neither can we afford to throw the dice on inexperienced candidates who likely cannot confront the onslaught of national attention and the tsunami of opposition this race will bring as Republicans nationwide struggle to regain the House.

Please fill in your ballot right away for Bridget Fleming: a tireless advocate for the East End, a champion for decency and democracy, and a true fighter for our environment at this time of tremendous peril. Bridget Fleming will be a congresswoman for all of us.

Thank you.

Mary Ann Mulvihill-Decker

Sag Harbor


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