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Force for Change

I moved to Hampton Bays for the wonderful beach community and vibrant waterways that were available. I felt so lucky to be able to go clamming and fishing and to take long walks along the quiet beach.

Hampton Bays was a rural community then; now, we are less rural, a suburban community with all the growing pains of progress and development.

The Hampton Bays Civic Association, like many community groups across the nation, intends to look at opportunities provided by the infrastructure law passed by Congress last year. This law was written to enable communities to improve transportation and water quality, to revitalize downtowns, and to meet the diverse housing needs of our citizens.

The matters stated above are among the issues attendees at our Civic Association meeting in November requested that we address. Additionally, they parallel many results of a Southampton Press survey documenting issues that concern hamlet citizens the most for 2023.

Hampton Bays has been discussing its future infrastructure needs and downtown development for decades, but never with the possibility of funding. Now is the time to try to find common ground to ensure we get our fair share.

To that end, we plan to establish a series of working groups to identify possible action and opportunities for feasibility assessments — and then funding. This is our best chance to help improve our community. Join us in working to imagine our best future and see it through to implementation.

The result could make our community more livable, vibrant and accessible. We could meet the future needs of the community in the best ways we can imagine.

I, as president of the Hampton Bays Civic Association, along with the board and members, invite all residents of the hamlet to join us on January 30 for our monthly meeting at the Senior Center at 25 Ponquogue Avenue at 7 p.m. United we are a potent force for change. On behalf of the Hampton Bays Civic Association, I invite you to be part of that effort.

Maria Hults


Hampton Bays Civic Association