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Four Weddings And An Epiphany

author on Sep 5, 2022
In the past year, Mr. Hockey and I have been to four weddings. There was a post-covidian explosion of love. And because I hadn’t been to a wedding since 2018,... more

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On the Wing

As a tractor rattled past, a flock of turkeys, all male, raised their heads. Hidden in the long grass, the turkeys had been otherwise concealed, until now. They lift and look like bright pink sock puppets holding impossibly still. They watch me as I go. I stare back. Turkeys are more overtly comical than most birds. Size helps. When a flock of turkeys runs away, they hop and weave and take heavily bodied flight only when seriously harassed or inspired. But here, in morning’s pink light, disturbed from grazing, the alert, pink faces, their decorative waddles, bespeak royal pigment as ... 19 Sep 2023 by Marilee Foster

COVID Lessons

After writing about COVID since the pandemic began, I got it. A medicine called Paxlovid, taken in pill form, moderated the severity of the infection. One hundred years ago, an aunt, my father’s sister Alice, died of an illness that, as my father would say, could have been cured with “three dollars worth of penicillin.” Her death impacted the family deeply and was considered part of the stress contributing to my grandfather dying. But penicillin only began being used in medicine decades later. With all the faults in society, the response to the COVID pandemic — the rapid development of ... 18 Sep 2023 by Karl Grossman

September Is …

With due deference to T.S. Eliot, if April is the cruelest month, September is the winsome-est, at least here on the East End. The light that beckoned so many artists reappears, shimmering between ocean and bay. The water remains swimmably warm. Twilight lingers, precariously, shorter day by day, but all the more haunting for it. Today, I had a virtual yoga session with college classmates under a volatile sky; the scent of salt-laden air was accompanied by a soundtrack of roiling waves. Yesterday, it was a bike ride to Louse Point, which I had to myself, allowing me to sit ... by Carlos Sandoval

Community News, September 21

WAINSCOTT Piano Masters Series LTV Studios and Hamptons Jazz Fest will host a Piano Masters ... by Staff Writer


We are enjoying our last meal on the porch when a queer-looking insect lands on the screen door. It’s bright green and triangular-shaped, more origami than Hemiptera. I gently pluck it from the door and, as I lift it for a closer look, I feel it spring away from me. It is a leaf hopper, and it lands safely back on the screen. I saw it make the jump, and while I’m impressed by the height and length of its leap, I’m still able to feel, in my hand, the marvelous compression of the bug’s departure. The push-off, though far ... 12 Sep 2023 by Marilee Foster

Apples for the Teachers

The early days of the new school year are always a good time to write about teachers, as they and their students check each other out. But I am especially motivated because of the tribute to Gary Schulman in last week’s editions. He was 65 and was retired after teaching English for many years at Pierson High School in Sag Harbor. His legacy, and what he was truly devoted to, was having founded and overseen the district’s theater program. That was how I knew Mr. Schulman. He was certainly the right person in the right place for my daughter. Though ... 11 Sep 2023 by Tom Clavin

The Personal College

Suffolk County Legislator Anthony Piccirillo is seeking to have Suffolk County purchase the abandoned 25-acre Dowling College campus, along the Connetquot River in Oakdale, and preserve what was its main structure, Idle Hour, once the mansion of railroad heir William K. Vanderbilt. For decades, Dowling and Southampton College were two four-year liberal arts colleges in Suffolk College that provided an exceptional education. Southampton College is now Stony Brook Southampton, part of Stony Brook University, which took it over after Long Island University shut Southampton College down in 2005. But Stony Brook Southampton is only in limited use. The situation with ... by Karl Grossman

Community News, September 14

MONTAUK “Seascape” Reading Set A reading of Edward Albee’s “Seascape” will take place on Wednesday, ... by Staff Writer

Trouble on Campus

It’s a matter of academic dysfunction in Suffolk County. For decades, two four-year liberal arts colleges in Suffolk County — Southampton College and Dowling College — provided exceptional education. Southampton College, part of Long Island University, opened in 1963. Students came from across the nation, and many settled in Suffolk County, contributing to life here. But in 2005, LIU abruptly shut down Southampton College for, it said, financial reasons. An excellent book on this is “Running on Empty: The Rise and Fall of Southampton College, 1963-2005,” by longtime Southampton College professor of history Dr. John Strong. The 2013 work includes ... 4 Sep 2023 by Karl Grossman

Two Iranian Princes, and More

Earlier this year, I told you about some of the famous and near-famous people buried in Sag Harbor’s Oakland Cemetery. Their brief bios prompted so much interest that I went back and found a few more cemetery residents to tell you about, notable and accomplished people, including two Iranian princes. Prince Manucher Mirza Farman Farmaian (died 2003) was born in Tehran, the sixth son of Abdol Hossein Farman Farma. He studied engineering at Birmingham University in England, and in Iran became director general of petroleum. He was a key signatory of the Cairo Agreement that resulted in the formation of ... by Jim Marquardt