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Four Weddings And An Epiphany

author on Sep 5, 2022
In the past year, Mr. Hockey and I have been to four weddings. There was a post-covidian explosion of love. And because I hadn’t been to a wedding since 2018,... more

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In Bloom

Spring gives us all the distraction we need. You can tune out the world news and breathe in the fragrant air. You sense the sweetness and take a deeper breath. What is that? I stand up from my tractor seat to have a better look. Is it a stand of daffodils? An old row of “bolting” collard greens? Really, everywhere you look, there is something in bloom. Maybe the scent originates behind the privet, a grove of something special: great flowers outside an empty mansion. Maybe it is all the dandelions, the hearty ones that dot the headland — simple ... 16 Apr 2024 by Marilee Foster

From Camelot to COVID

There is an amusing scene in the film “Casablanca” when Rick Blaine says he came to Casablanca “for the waters.” When told there are no waters there, he replies, “I was misinformed.” It looks like, this year, two of the three presidential candidates will be competing for who can misinform the most voters. I thought about this a couple of weeks ago when, by the windmill in Sag Harbor, several people had set up a table to promote the delusional interests of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The table has not reappeared since, but a poster remains at the foot of ... 15 Apr 2024 by Tom Clavin

Is Plum Island Safe?

Can Plum Island, the 843-acre island a mile and a half off Orient Point, be safely preserved as a “national monument,” with public access, as is being advocated by a group of environmentalists and Congressman Nick LaLota? LaLota, of Amityville, whose district encompasses the East End, including Plum Island, has introduced a bill facilitating this. But as an official of the National Park Service testified last month at a hearing in Washington, D.C., on LaLota’s measure: “The department appreciates the bill’s intent to increase public access to and to protect Plum Island’s natural and cultural heritage, and we support that ... by Karl Grossman

Community News, April 18

YOUTH CORNER Circle of Fun The East Hampton Library, 159 Main Street in East Hampton, ... by Staff Writer

A Return to Fretting

In 1997, my father helped me build my first greenhouse. Cliff was mainly accustomed to building with I-beams and concrete. He loved making things heavy-duty, and so he did not estimate. As we went through the site preparation, he taught me about prevailing wind and compound error. Where the instructions said one thing, he’d do an extra; where they called for tamping, he called for Sakrete. In windy Sagaponack, his vision of sturdy visited upon that which could have otherwise been a temporary structure. For years now, the greenhouse has been rugged and reliable. I do not start seeds without ... 9 Apr 2024 by Marilee Foster

PSEG Hangs On

“It’s an uphill fight,” said State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. last week about the effort to make the Long Island Power Authority a fully public utility. This, despite the Legislative Commission on the Future of the Long Island Power Authority, a bipartisan eight-member panel that Thiele co-chairs, concluding after an extensive investigation and many public hearings that LIPA should operate the electric system on Long Island itself and not contract it out. That’s despite the commission’s report last year that found that cutting out the current contractor, PSEG, would provide a saving of $50 million to $80 million a ... 8 Apr 2024 by Karl Grossman

An Aging Elegy

Lately, when time allows, I’ve been taking stock, probably prompted by a significant birthday looming in three months. For those of you who think it’s 50, bless you. For those of you who think it’s 40, you should have your head examined. Oh, before I forget: If you’re anxious about the passage of time, avoid any Angelfire file connected to your high school. More about this in a bit. Just during the past week: (1) I was asked to write an extra column because of the death of Jim Marquardt, who has written for this newspaper for many years, often ... by Tom Clavin

Community News, April 11

YOUTH CORNER Circle of Fun The East Hampton Library, 159 Main Street in East Hampton, ... 3 Apr 2024 by Staff Writer

Innovative Camps

The region is well-known for its heritage of people both little and big, farmers and Vonnegut, fishermen and Walt Whitman. The newspaper men and business tycoons were bound to flow, ever east, close to the water, where golf could be played and your identity would be unknown. It’s no surprise that the Hamptons, second home to so many of this type, is now also a world leader in Summer Camp Innovation. • Apocalypse Camp. Here, your offspring will learn that there may be no more offspring — only survival. Survival of the fittest. Two three-week sessions are offered at our ... 2 Apr 2024 by Marilee Foster

Opportunities Knock on My Door

One Thursday some years back, while I was thumbing through the classifieds in The Southampton Press, I was drawn to an ad that read: “We are a Norwegian family looking to trade houses for the summer of 1980.” I had always wanted an international experience for my children, but the expense was beyond our means. A house trade made it possible. Our host family arrived in New York City before we left for Norway. We invited them to dinner to exchange house and car keys, trade names and numbers of neighbors and friends, and ask last-minute questions. Except for a ... by Denise Gray Meehan