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Gaslighting Continues

Once again your editorial board gets it all wrong in regards to COVID. The “Ahead On Points” editorial [April 21] was ridiculous.

Your claim is that “in Suffolk County, unvaccinated people are still at a very high risk of catching the virus, and the number of new cases has been trending up again after a major drop from the peak after the Christmas holidays.” It wasn’t the holidays or the gathering of families that caused the uptick — it was omicron.

Additionally, this board constantly spreads fear by saying “careful behavior”: “With a few stubborn exceptions, the region did what was necessary.” You have become COVID idiots instead of COVID science, because mixing opinion with no facts is misinformation.

What you failed to mention is that currently there are more cases of the virus affecting those vaccinated than unvaccinated; additionally, our state sees more hospitalizations from people who have previously been vaccinated than those who are unvaccinated. Because as of now most New Yorkers at high risk have been vaccinated at an extremely high rate — in fact, over 95 percent of all 65-year-olds in the State of New York have been vaccinated.

To suggest that our behavior is how we get this virus is like blaming the victim of a crime. The truth is, this virus is never going away — it is going to stay with us, it is going to still infect us, but now we are more protected for a variety of reasons. One of which is that 140 million Americans have already had the virus, which is roughly 43 percent of all Americans.

Other states, particularly Republican states, have eased restrictions a long time ago and yet have had similar outcomes. In fact, New York and New Jersey have a higher percentage of deaths per 100,000 than Florida. How is that possible, as you state that being careful is the key, as if you can will it away by your behavior?

The gaslighting continues, and it needs to stop. Data should drive intelligent decisions, not politicians or bureaucrats pushing a narrative. That’s why no one trusts anything the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says — because the agency and its actors have hidden agendas not related to the actual intelligent decisions needed to balance the need of safety and commerce.

Currently, the Biden administration, at the request of the CDC, is appealing the overturning of the mask mandates while flying and on public transportation, for no scientific reason but to show Americans that we can hold power over you and use it without reason or scientific thought.

After all, we are too stupid to make our own personal choices — we must all conform to the wizard of Biden.

Thomas Jones

Sag Harbor