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‘Geniuses’ At Work

I typically ignore anyone who believes that the 2020 election was “stolen.” I write them off as either idiots or emotionally unwell.

But since we have “Big Lie” Republican Lee Zeldin running for governor in our state, I think it’s worth deconstructing this idea.

What Zeldin and other supporters and enablers of Donald Trump will have us believe is that a group of genius Democrats figured out a way to rig hundreds of thousands of voting machines so that votes that were cast for Donald Trump were changed to Joe Biden. They did this without anyone in charge of voting realizing that they had done it, or figuring out how they did it.

And when Trump’s supporters and enablers sued about this crime and cover-up, dozens of judges in dozens of states threw the cases out because they had no merit.

Furthermore, these Democratic geniuses were so good that they did this without affecting any other races. So all other Republicans’ losses that year were legitimate. Only Donald Trump was targeted.

And to this day this massive fraud and cover-up has never been proven — there are those who just “believe” and “feel” that it happened, without evidence. Those like Lee Zeldin are willing to jeopardize our democracy and Constitution based on these “beliefs” and “feelings.”

So I would conclude that if there were that many geniuses in the Democratic Party who could really pull this off, we need to elect more of them. We certainly would be better off letting these geniuses run the country then those gullible Republicans whose fantasyland story makes no sense at all.

Paula Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village