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Get Over It

I cannot believe or understand the complaints about the North Sea Fire Department’s float in the Fourth of July parade [“Furious About Float, Village Board Member Calls For Banning FD From Next Year’s Parade,”, July 14]. Get over it, please. All of you complaining are acting like children.

I was born and raised in Southampton, and the Fourth of July parade, which I attended many times, was always so exciting. The end, we knew, was North Sea, known to us locals as the “hell raisers.” To those who did not want to get drenched with a bucket of water, or smell the fire, we left or moved back.

My Water Mill address, Edge of Woods Road, was part of the North Sea Fire District. Around age 10, I was in Washington, D.C., with my grandparents, and on the national news there was an announcement of a major wildfire in the back of our home, racing through the woods. As a child, I was terrified.

I remember my parents telling me that the North Sea Fire Department literally saved our home and others. This great fire department and others put their lives on the line, then and now, and they do not get paid.

So, all of you complaining about them having fun, get over it.

I find it so ironic, in today’s world of saying whatever we want to, that this would be a issue. Do you all have nothing to do? Then again, when the ex-president says that those who stormed the Capitol were caring and loving, it is a mind blower.

There is one thing I missed in the parade: Most bands were not identified — who they were or what town they came from.

In closing, I truly enjoyed being back at the parade with my family. Just like it used to be — except for the childlike behavior from all you folks who are complaining.

Get over it, move on.

To North Sea, you are great, and thank you!

Diane Hubert Cheslock