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Get Resident Input

North Haven’s charm stems from its beautiful forests and estuaries. Many people move to North Haven for this reason and expect it to stay this way.

Maybe not for long.

A recently proposed North Haven clearing code, being pushed by its proponents ostensibly to “clarify the rules” and make the clearing rules “easier to understand,” is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The facts are, when you lay out the numbers, the proposed changes substantially increase developers’ ability to clear-cut properties, especially for larger properties.

If passed, this will lead to a dramatic change in the character of North Haven. Is this what developers want? Yes, of course. Is this what residents want? Probably not.

Mayor Jeffrey Sander: Please slow things down and let this issue enter the public discourse and give residents the chance to voice their opinions. It is too important an issue to just have a quick and quiet vote without residents’ input.

Neither we nor our neighbors knew about this clearing threat until we read the April 30 article — thank you, Sag Harbor Express, for alerting us!

Jim Vos

North Haven