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Give It A Rest

When the Express News Group changed the format to become more of a regional paper, I didn’t see a column by Phil Keith for a few weeks. Many of us were hoping that he missed the cut when you consolidated — but there he was in the June 2 and June 9 papers … and what did he write about? President Trump, of course, just as he has done for four years.

Over and over, we hear why he doesn’t like Trump. Boring! Repetitive! Other columnists do not approve of the president, like Karl Grossman. Karl writes about many subjects, all interesting. The phony “conservative” you publish (supposedly, the only one on your staff) just writes about Trump, sometimes in the most disgusting terms that would not be allowed in some papers. Give it a rest.

And why do you allow him to call himself a conservative at the end of his column? I realize there are conservatives who do not support Trump (George Will comes to mind), but these folks remain conservative in their views. Mr. Keith said he wanted Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s vice president so that she could succeed him for eight years. That would be 12 straight years with a leftist president. No conservative in the world wishes for that — except Phil. He is also the only conservative who prefers CNN and MSNBC to Fox News.

In his latest column, Keith says he cringes when Trump salutes Marines [“The Commander Of Grief,” Mostly Right, July 9]. I am a veteran (U.S. Navy), and the great majority of my veteran friends support the president — and we cringe when we read the stuff Mr. Keith writes.

William Keating

Hampton Bays


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