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Given Us Hope

Congratulations to our new mayor!

Mayor Jesse Warren has made the most important change promised but never specified in his election campaign, and I am sure that it was not easy, with stiff opposition from fans of the old way of doing things.

But he has done it. In relatively short time, our new mayor has cut through the stifling rigidity of the two prior administrations, and has brought in new blood [“New Mayor Shakes Up Legal Team,” October 24]. Recognizing the critical roles played by our village attorneys, he has cut through entrenched entitlements and is bringing in three much-needed new attorneys to advise his village administration.

His choice of new attorneys gives me, and many other village residents, hope that the desirable quality-of-life characteristics of our village, which barely survived the prior era, will continue and will be protected, and there is even a glimmer of hope that we may be able to keep the diminished but treasured remnant of our erstwhile year-round village population.

The new lawyers, both for the Board of Trustees and for the regulatory boards, will have an immense impact. We have reason to hope that they will exercise an influence for the better, for decisions made on behalf of the village residents, and with decisions that reflect both a respect for the past and a critical understanding of new village needs in the future.

Evelyn Konrad

Attorney at law



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