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Gloating And Pouting

After an election, the winners gloat and the losers pout. Nothing new here.

As a disappointed supporter of the Trump agenda, I have accepted the results of an election whose outcome was sealed with the introduction of the mail-in ballot. It just never rang true for me that I was advocating voter suppression by disagreeing with the practice of distributing ballots to people without any way to know for sure who would be handling them from the moment they were signed to the moment they were counted.

I’ll admit I’m old-fashioned enough to believe that the patriotic act of casting a vote should include the personal experience of delivering the ballot to the polling station in person, unless the absentee ballot is necessary to mitigate an absence or illness.

From the gloaters, we have the editorial espousing its typically slanted wisdom to the winner, U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin [“The Agenda,” Editorial, November 12]. Zeldin is, in fairness, grudgingly given credit for doing his job and doing it well. His reelection, though, according to the editorial, will require him to become a de facto Democrat. Why? You would have to ask the editorial board.

What has been clear for some time now is that the Trump support by many of us was for the policies he advocated and succeeded in implementing. For those like Tim Motz and Phil Keith who were incensed at Trump, the man, you may have killed the messenger, but America lost its pathway to a better future. The return to the status quo Biden will embrace will not make us a more prosperous, tolerant and safer country.

A lecture on why Trump supporters should want that is foolish and, frankly, insulting. Rep. Zeldin has and will continue to represent our district effectively without bowing to the will of Nancy Pelosi.

My guess is that the House will turn over in the next midterm election and the specter of a President Biden rendered impotent by a legislature in Republican hands will mean my letter written then will be one of consolation.

Ed Surgan



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