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God Bless America

There is 90 percent media favoritism. Because of “Fake News” prime channels, cable, social media and some newspapers, truth has been extinguished.

I address this to open-minded voters of both parties. There’s still a channel that reports news, has both Democrats and Republican hosts, so you get to see their facts, not lies. This channel is OANN. Try it.

Many of you have been brainwashed hearing the same false comments; in a way, held captive, such as the Stockholm Syndrome. Those who report real stories are silenced by network Democrat bosses and are either fired or suspended, such as Fox deals with every day. Their lives being threatened has become commonplace. This is not our United States — this is a country like Venezuela, no freedom of speech.

We have a President who knows the real swamp leaders who committed treason before and after his election. This information is coming out as I write this, and actions will be carried out.

However, the latest corruption extends to nominee Joe Biden. By his own bragging and showing a video of quid quo pro in action between Ukraine, his son Hunter and himself, with the go-ahead by Obama, this threatens our security of our United States.

President Trump made promises and kept them, and he is the only president in history to have that distinction. And 3.5 percent unemployment of minorities, Blacks, Latinos, Asians. Until this virus hit, the country was the United States, not the divided states those who push the race card desire. Because he closed borders, pushed for a vaccine while Democratic leaders condemned his move, and didn’t blame China, our country has a low death rate that could have been millions.

Intelligent Democrats, how could you vote for a man who thinks he is running for the Senate? Doesn’t believe Antifa is an organization but a peace demonstration? And the new security risk information from Hunter’s laptop?

The only choice is President Trump and his team of supporters, many already Democrats, to have four more years of “Make America Great Again, Again.” Just see the thousands at his rallies, as compared to Joe Biden’s town halls, roundtables with hosts feeding him answers and phony questioners. Not at a Trump debate. You see the bias of moderators being outflanked by a man who knows leadership.

Now, this paper, please let it be known. God bless America.

Beverly Livernoche

Hampton Bays


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