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Good Advice

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the fact that neither “Bridget the Third” nor her Republican so-called opponent, Robert J. Carpenter III, wanted the position of Suffolk County legislator, even though their names are on the November ballot [“The Battle of the Thirds,” Letters].

Within a few days, I received positive feedback. One person, while supportive of my thesis, thought I was too kind to Bridget the Third and suggested I reread my letter and improve on it. Good advice is something one should always welcome.

After the first reread, I experienced a flashback to the time when I was very young. Most “war babies” (those of us born during World War II) and “Baby Boomers” (those born right after the war) can easily relate to my flashback, as they, too, most likely had a similar experience.

Mothers of that period were well-read in the care and handling of their young children. One thing that all these books stressed was that children should eat a balanced diet.

This brings up the “B” word … broccoli. Most children, including me, did not like to eat broccoli. So, like mine, our mothers would remind us about “all the starving children in war-torn Europe and how happy they would be to have broccoli to eat.”

Even though I did not know any of these children personally, this mantra worked on me. I think that is also one of the reasons broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables today, especially Italian style. …

I digress.

So, you might be asking yourself, what did my mother’s caring advice have to do with “The Battle of the Thirds”? My mother’s advice had a much deeper message than “eat your vegetables.” Like those starving children, whom I did not personally know, there are people in our community who have needs and aspirations that should be addressed, but won’t be because of political games.

This November’s election for the Suffolk County Legislature in District 2 will be a sham, perpetuated by both political parties. Bridget the Third would like to use a good showing as a springboard to the 2022 congressional election (against a place-holder, really?). While the Republican gambit seems to be to give a weak person a pass, so that the Democratic Party can waste time and money on several candidates in the primary, thus giving Lee Zeldin more of an advantage in 2022.

Good advice is something one should always welcome.

Stephen Ring

Hampton Bays