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Grab A Shovel

Winter is officially just about on us: The village has sent out the annual code enforcement letter notifying all property owners that Section 235-4 of the code demands that those blessed with sidewalks adjacent to them must clear snow and ice within 24 hours. Do not do so, and a code enforcement officer will stick you with a summons. You are warned and notified.

Those with sidewalks are forming a game plan: self-shovel or hire. Those without sidewalks (most of the village residents) are adjusting the chairs to view their neighbors racing the clock to avoid a summons.

Always makes me wonder, as one of the blessed residents:

When you come out to shovel, does the snow and ice that the highway plows have thrown onto your sidewalk count? Do you have to clear that as well, or do you get a pass for that stuff?

Why does the village cart away the snow and ice from the business area but not do the same for the rest of the streets blessed with sidewalks?

Why is the effort and cost of clearing sidewalks borne only by the adjacent property owner, since the benefit of clearing is for all residents to enjoy? The village owns the sidewalk, right?

Why doesn’t the village assign sections of sidewalk to non-adjacent property owners so that they can help and share the joy of clearing? Community service project?

There are many people who earn a part of their living clearing snow. Why not contract with them to clear the sidewalks on behalf of all village residents?

This will be our 36th year clearing our patch of Main Street. Each year, these questions; never answers.

People complain every year if some sidewalks aren’t cleared, but you never see any of them coming up the street with a shovel to help you.

Pierce Hance

Sag Harbor

Mr. Hance is a former Sag Harbor Village mayor — Ed.


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