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Great Support

Recently, we were able to secure a Suffolk County Class C Championship, a Long Island Championship and a place in the New York State Final Four. These achievements are part of a communitywide effort, and we are indebted for the great support everyone has provided us as we worked to reach our goals and sought to achieve our dreams. Thank you very much!

During our run of playoff games, the number of thoughtful messages we received and the support and cheers at the games was absolutely tremendous. We would not have been able to get through many of those games if it was not for the support, in person at the games and of those sending their support while watching the livestream games in many places. You will forever be in our hearts for sacrificing your time and providing all that positive energy on our behalf. Thank you very much!

We are extremely grateful for the numerous donations made to enhance our travel experience to the New York State Final Four in Glens Falls. We would like to thank the donors who would like to remain anonymous, along with Miles B. Anderson, Esq., White’s Apothecary, and the Sag Harbor Booster Foundation. Thank you very much!

We are also indebted for the amazing parades of trucks and cars orchestrated by the Sag Harbor Volunteer Fire Department and Sag Harbor Village Police Department as we drove back through our great community in celebration of our accomplishments. The celebration the volunteer firefighters and the police officers provided for us and the waves and shouts of support from our families and the community members on the streets was an experience we will never forget. Thank you very much!

We will work hard for continued success, and we dream about future celebrations with the community.

Thank you. Go, Whalers!

Will Fujita

Head Coach

Pierson High School Basketball Team

The letter was signed by all members of the team: Wilson Bennet (who wears uniform no. 21), Charlie Culver (23), Brendan Burke (1), Charlie McLean (25), Pierre du Plessis (22), Leo Butler (45), Aven Smith (24), Cecil Munshin (20), Keanu King (4), Logan Harkhuin (11), Dominick Muntino (2), Fritz Desir (14), Brandon Winenga (13), and Dan Labrozzi (12) — Ed.